February 2019 news


1) Sheri has had many of you reach out to her asking if she knows the plans for the 68 acres for sale on Indian Springs. Here is all she knows (but she is reaching out to learn more)…
it is 2 parcels, one is 38.23 acres and the other is 30.47 acres
both are zoned R40 – which allows for 1 dwelling per 1.16 acres – single and 2 family dwellings.
This is what the current zoning allows. No one has reached out to her about rezoning this. Remember that any request for rezoning goes before the neighborhood, the planning commission with public hearing and the council with public hearing.

She will keep us posted. Best way to follow this information is to look at the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/104919568088/
– – or I will try to keep this Neighborhood website updated and not fill your inbox with more messages!

2) “We Need a Noise Wall” Sheri started a petition; let’s see about getting that noise study and mitigation so we can live in some peace and quiet. As soon as we have collected the signatures, Sheri will take it to TDOT and Senator Dickerson. She asks that we add our physical address in the comments section. Open the link for more information and to sign the petition

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