2019 Annual Meeting May 16


will be held Thursday MAY 16 at 6:30 pm at New Beginnings Church, 7700 George E. Horn Road


A West Precinct officer will have update and topic agenda covering crime and police coverage. He will answer any questions you may have. The West Precinct sends out periodic emails about crime prevention and other great information! Contact them at steve.linn@nashville.gov and ask to be added to the list!

And, for crime information go to www.crimemapping.com


Please contact Joe Morrison at landarchjoe@gmail.comif you want to help in the front island gardens. We can always use a few more hands!********************************************************


The Bellevue Picnic on May 18, 2019 is at another new location – the Recreational Area behind Bellevue Middle School.

For more details, go to https://bellevueharpethchamber.com/special-events/bellevue-community-picnic/


Sheri will not be able to be at our meeting this time, but you can talk with her at SATURDAYS WITH SHERI:
May – See her at the Bellevue Picnic on May 18
June 22, 2019    and        July 27, 2019
She starts at 9am and concludes around 10am. ********************************************************


“Whether it’s a great idea to make Nashville better or a neighborhood issue that needs fixing, hubNashville is the best way to contact Metro and get results.”
– Mayor David Briley

Check it out!!                    https://hub.nashville.gov/


JUNE 1, 2019 — 11am til 2pm
Program starts at 11:45

Food trucks        Playground Time!


Your 2019 Annual Neighborhood Association Dues are now due!

Your annual dues pay for the following items:

• Insurance for the front entrance sign. (If anyone is injured by hitting it, we are all liable)

• Liability insurance for any association functions

(like working on the front entrance, road clean up, etc).

• NES – Street light that illuminates the front island

• Supplies for the front entrance garden (mulch, flowers, etc)

• Postage and printing for Association mailings

• Post Office box rental

• Association Website  http://bellevuemanor.org/

• Various Other expenses

Please send your $15.00 check payable to:

Bellevue Manor-1776 Estates-Dunaway Woods Neighborhood Association

P O Box 210923, Nashville, TN 37221

Please detach and return with your 2019 Neighborhood Association Dues



Phone Number(s):________________________________________

Email Address:_____________________________________


You may also go to the neighborhood website to pay through Paypal! Go to http://bellevuemanor.org/pay-dues/

(Please note that we have added 74 cents to the dues to cover Paypal fees.)

Additionally, feel free to drop your check off with the Treasurer – Linda Compson at 7513 Hallows Drive

If you have questions, call Linda at 615-830-1130

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