Your 2020 Annual Neighborhood Association Dues are now due!

Your annual dues pay for the following items:
• Insurance for the front entrance sign. (If anyone is injured by hitting it, we are all liable)
• Liability insurance for any association functions
(like working on the front entrance, road clean up, etc).
• NES – Street light that illuminates the front island
• Supplies for the front entrance garden (mulch, flowers, etc)
• Postage and printing for Association mailings
• Post Office box rental
• Association Website
• Various Other expenses
Please send your $15.00 check payable to:
Bellevue Manor-1776 Estates-Dunaway Woods Neighborhood Association
P O Box 210923, Nashville, TN 37221
You may also go to the neighborhood website to pay through Paypal!
Go to
(Please note that we have added 74 cents to the dues to cover Paypal fees.)

Please detach and return with your 2020 Neighborhood Association Dues check


Phone Number(s):______________________________________
Email Address:_______________________________________

YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING HAS BEEN POSTPONED. Please check our website , Nextdoor and/or our Facebook page Bellevue Manor Neighborhood Association   for new date – We will also send out an email and put notices in mailboxes

Please contact Joe Morrison at if you want to help in the front island gardens! We can always use a few more hands!
Metro Nashville Public Works Department is scheduled to begin Brush and Leaf collections in our area on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.
The Brush Crews sometimes go into the next zone when finished with the prior zone to stay ahead of demand in case of storms or equipment issues. They will run the entire zone again starting on the scheduled date. To ensure that your brush will be collected, you should have limbs and all other yard waste out and ready for pick-up on the date above. Place only limbs, branches and true yard waste by the curb for brush crews. Lumber, household trash and other types of debris found in your brush pile means it won’t get picked up. Brush piles should not be placed close to mailboxes, utility poles, fences, trees, other stationary objects, in medians, in ditches or near storm drains. The mechanical arm of the knuckle boom truck needs enough room to lift the brush pile up and into the trailer pulled behind the truck.
Place leaves in biodegradable paper bags only. Paper biodegradable bags can be purchased at most hardware stores, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, etc. Plastic bags will not be picked up.
You can sign up for Brush and Leaf collection notifications by following this link:
“Whether it’s a great idea to make Nashville better or a neighborhood issue that needs fixing, hubNashville is the best way to contact Metro and get results.”
– Mayor David Briley
Check it out!!

By the way, Linda Compson is moving from the neighborhood and will be travelling in their motorhome!

The new treasurer is Rachelle Cabading and Kyle Nelson is still President.

We hope to have someone step forward to serve as a new HOA President and have others join the Board! You can contact either of these ladies at

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